16 ” TFR519S Drill Bit

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16 ” TFR519S Drill Bit

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16 ” TFR519S Design Features of this bit

Titan? Fixed Cutter Bits – A range of large diameter fixed cutter bits that feature extremely high levels of lateral stability (high LSI) to resist bit whirl and other lateral vibrations. Profiles, gauge design, and cutter technology are specifically chosen to give unrivaled performance in large-diameter holes where inertial BHA forces can be enormous. These bits are recommended for all large-diameter applications where erratic performance, mechanical cutter damage on the shoulder, and bit/tool failures are limiting performance.

Raptor? cutters – Thermostable PDC cutters featuring an unique layer of thermostable PDC that is 200% more heat tolerant and 400% more abrasion resistant than premium PDC. The thermostable layer dramatically improves abrasion resistance by maintaining a sharp, slow-wearing, tough-cutting edge. When a wearflat finally develops, the thermostable layer wears more slowly than the multimodal polycrystalline diamond behind it , forming two sharp lips that maintain ROP. This allows the bit to drill significantly farther and faster than premium PDC cutter bits.

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