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Both turbines were stopped and dismantled by Siemens Energy and us in March and April 2022 and are ready for immediate reinstallation.
Now one turbine is waiting in Germany for transportation and the second turbine (47,5 MW) is already stored in our warehouse in Poland.
For both turbines and for serious customers we can deliver turbines directly as an equipment supplier.
General information:
Commissioning: Q4 2007/Q1 2008
Performance :
Turbine 1  : 45 MWe 50 Hz
Turbine 2   : 47,5 MWe  50 Hz
Upgrade to 50 MW for each turbine is possible.
Status 11/22/2021
Operating hours 1:  110,500 EOH.
Operating hours 2:  118,120 EOH
 Last maintenance:
Turbine Worth: Level B at 100.00 EOH
Turbine Eltmann: Level D performed at 95,000 EOH (new hot pass blades and vanes)
The A inspections were carried out in accordance with the inspection plan.
Service a maintenance :
Full service and maintenance contract was provided by  Siemens ( value 15 mln euro for each turbine, service invested cost totally with upgrade and gear renovation ca. 20 mln euro investment  )
History: German engineering company as an independent expert to perform a service history analysis of turbines. In the attachments, I present the results of the expertise that will answer most of the service questions.
Upgrades :
both turbines were delivered originally as A type with a guaranteed 45 MW capacity.
One turbine was 2010 upgraded to  A+ type with a guaranteed 47,5 MW (incl. new rotor ).
However, the maximum capacity of both turbines is 52 MW and is electronically limited to 50 MW (we have a Siemens certificate confirming 50 MW)
Generator : oryginal  Siemens  generator 11 kV 50 HZ
Spare parts :
common spare parts set and special tools set are available but there is one set for two turbines and transfer must be negotiated.
Critical spare parts set are available: 2 x set hot pass stages 1,2,3; 1 x new burning chamber; 1 x bearing for gear and generator, and others. Value as new was ca. 10,3 million Euro.
The actual valuation of the spare parts set is subject to be negotiated.
Attachments  :
Please find attached pictures promotional brochures and service reports.
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